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“Go Left” If You Break Down

Highways England has ushered in an initiative to make motorists more confident about what to do in the event of a breakdown on a major A-road or a motorway.

Go Left!

The new campaign encourages drivers to travel as far away from the running lane as possible in an emergency by “going left”. It is anticipated the message will play a critical role in tackling continuing fears about the safety of smart motorways.

The guidance follows the news that up to fifty per cent of smart motorway safety cameras can’t yet spot motorists who fail to acknowledge “red X” closed-lane symbols. It also comes after the announcement of a recent Transport Committee inquiry into the value and safety of smart motorways.

On smart motorway sections, the hard shoulder is transformed into a live running lane to enhance traffic flow, but motorists can be left high and dry if they have an accident or break down too far from an SOS area or a junction.

Here, drivers’ well-being is at the mercy of both the “red X” signs being triggered to shut the lane and other car users following the cautioning symbols by shifting lanes.

Essential Breakdown Advice

If your car breaks down on a motorway:

  1. Switch your LEFT indicators on

  2. Manoeuvre into the LEFT lane

  3. Exit LEFT at the next services/junction, or

  4. Exit LEFT into the hard shoulder or an emergency area

  5. Switch your vehicle’s hazard lights on

  6. Walk behind a safety barrier if there is one, and keep away from the traffic flow

  7. Get in touch with Highways England on 0300 123 5000; then a breakdown provider, such as RexQ, for assistance.

If for any reason you can’t do the above, or if you’re in an urgent situation, sit tight in your car, keep the hazard lights on, and your seatbelts fastened, then ring 999 straightaway.

How You Can Avoid a Breakdown

  • Ensure you have enough fuel for your journey

  • Examine your oil level before you set off

  • Look at your tyre pressures before your trip — and adjust as necessary.

To the Rescue!

Of course, where there’s a vehicle breakdown, there’ll be someone needing help. And who better to offer support than a rescuer. You’ll already be used to meeting all sorts of people in all kinds of places. It might be a tow or just a jump-start that’s needed; it could be more.

Whatever the case, your ability to empathise, listen, reassure, and explain all that’s going to happen will make someone’s day that little bit better. So, if you’re a professional recovery and rescue provider, garage mechanic, experienced, capable provider of roadside assistance and repair, and you’d like to grow your customer base to get further work, then you should join RexQ.

There are many benefits to you:

  • ​The RexQ app is free to download and register

  • No subscription or membership is required

  • No monthly or annual cost to you

  • You get notified when there’s work nearby

  • You bid for the work and decide what price to quote

If you win the job, RexQ will transfer the money to your chosen account, minus a modest commission.

​RexQ is looking for professionals in:

  • ​Vehicle breakdown recovery (jump-start, tow)

  • Mobile tyre-fitting

  • Fuel experts (fuel drain, out of fuel, misfuel)

  • Auto locksmiths

​Let loose fresh opportunities and boost your revenue. Join RexQ and get remunerated each time you help our customers. Register free of charge and wait for RexQ’s app to notify you about new work.

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