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The UK's first

pay-as-you-go Motor Rescue

44% of motorist never use their motor rescue subscription.

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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Why choose RexQ?

The new way to get roadside assistance through pay-as-you-go, here to disrupt an old, ageing and archaic industry.

Yes our competitors have been here for a long time, some over 100 years. But to us, that's part of the problem, they're stuck in their old ways. Like how Uber changed the taxi world, RexQ is here to do the same for the roadside assistance industry.


Best of all, we let the rescuers determine the price and with healthy competition, market forces will ensure you will get the best price possible placing you in total control and not the other way around. Stop throwing away good money on roadside assistance that you may never ever use.

Why is RexQ different?

From the comfort of your mobile phone through our app, you can get roadside assistance, recovery or transportation of your vehicle and passengers from any location with no annual subscription or membership, or telephone calls.

How does it work?

  • Use the app to notify rescuers of your issue

  • See rescuers that are located nearby on a map

  • See prices from rescuers

  • Choose a rescuer based on their rating, distance and price

  • Pay through the app

  • See help arrive in real-time

  • Rate your rescuer

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