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When your Customer becomes your Investor

Updated: May 30, 2022

When one of your Customers becomes an Investor in your company, you can say with some comfort that you are doing something right. That is certainly the best customer feedback you can receive. That is the case with one of the early customers of the RexQ Group. The RexQ Group is the creator of the RexQ app.

The RexQ app is launching now to become the UK’s first on-demand roadside assistance & breakdown recovery marketplace app, putting stranded motorists in touch with a UK-wide network of qualified independent breakdown providers. Having soft-launched the app in October 2020 and having proven the concept, the RexQ Group is raising a crowdfund investment to roll out the service nationally.

Early in the concept proving days of the app, on US Independence Day 4th July in fact, a customer in Essex raised a roadside assistance request on the RexQ app for a flat tyre. The customer, Danie, was trying to resurrect his beautifully maintained Audi TT which sat forlornly on the drive with a flat tyre, waiting for rescue assistance. The rescuer, in this instance, bid £30 to come and sort out the tyre, and the bid was accepted.

So, the plan to swiftly resurrect Danie's Audi TT was underway. The rescuer drove across North London to leafy Basildon. Within minutes the repair was done and Danie was a happy customer. Fast forward, less than twelve months later and Danie learned that the perfect roadside rescue startup that helped to resurrect his prized vehicle was raising funds via Crowdcube. Danie took no time to join in.

Now Danie has gone from customer to investor. He has skin in the game and, as the rise of RexQ takes place, he will benefit from the added value in the company and the added value in his investment. As we said at the start, 'when one of your Customers becomes an Investor in your company, you can say with some comfort that you are doing something right'. At RexQ we know we are doing it right and we are doing the right thing at the right time. Right now, with the global cost of living challenges & the Office for National Statistics recording the highest inflation figures in 40+ years, households are looking for ways to reduce costs.

Ditching the monthly roadside assistance payments is a very easy call to make. Immediate household cost savings are there for the taking. Bear in mind that half of drivers never need to use or even call their rescue company. So there is more than enough reason to save the money for much more important costs. Therefore, the introduction of the RexQ app, to allow drivers to save money every month. They only call for roadside assistance when it is needed and are not wasting their money every month. This makes perfect sense and the global timing is perfect too.

There is probably a moral in the story: really looking after your customers pays back. They may need the product, and they may even enjoy the service. In extreme circumstances, such as these, they will love it that much they will want to buy part of the company and benefit from its ongoing success.

If you want to save some serious money, ditch the monthly roadside assistance payments and download RexQ now. If you want to earn some serious money, join Danie now and become part of RexQ : the future of roadside assistance.

Download the RexQ app now to keep abreast of new and exciting services from RexQ.

RexQ App, RexQ and are trading names of RexQ Group Ltd.

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