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charging electric vehicles with REXQ

Have you ever turned up at an electric vehicle charge point to see this? It is either offline, out of service, still under construction, or vandalised.

We are sure you have. Even though the UK government has promised a 10-fold increase in electric vehicle charge points by 2030, the infrastructure for electric vehicles is still being constructed up and down the UK. Well, the designers at RexQ thought of that problem and provided a fix for it.

So, in order to assist drivers of electric vehicles, the RexQ app provides a full list of electric vehicle charge points when the driver needs them. The list of electric vehicle charge points is provided in order of vicinity.

The physically closest electric vehicle charge point is placed right at the top of the pile and first in line. Also crucially, the RexQ app will only include electric vehicle charge points that are fully operational. These are electric vehicle charge points that are online and ready for charging electric vehicles.

Drivers do not want to waste time being transported to locations that cannot solve their issue. Drivers want to get small issues like this solved quickly.

With the RexQ app we get you moving!

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